Integrative Counselling and Hypnotherapy
Counselling is useful in treating many kinds of difficulties, whether you are suffering with anxiety, stress or depression; have relationship problems; issues relating to childhood sexual abuse; substance addictions; eating disorders or bereavement.
When we meet we can discuss your needs and then decide the type of counselling best suited to you - Person Centred, Psychodynamic or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.
Person Centred Therapy will allow you to explore your feelings in a non-judgmental, congruent and empathetic environment. Sometimes people just need someone to be there, not to fix anything or to do anything in particular, but just to let them know they are supported and cared for.
Psychodynamic Counselling embraces the work of all the analytic therapies with the aim of bringing the unconscious mind into conscious awareness and thereby helping clients unravel, experience and understand their true, deep rooted feelings in order to resolve them.
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy looks at how our thoughts influence our feelings, which in turn direct our physical reactions, which results in our behaviours. This therapy aims to change feelings and/or behaviours to bring about more positve feelings, through understanding and awareness.
Weekly sessions are often most effective in terms of building an effective therapeutic relationship, which aims to lead to a positve outcome for the counselling process. I will work with you, at your pace, with whatever issues you bring to each session.
Depending on your issues and problems, I may suggest that hypnotherapy is used instead of or alongside your counselling sessions.
As well as counselling, hypnotherapy can be used to treat a wide range of difficulties including anxiety, panic, anger, phobias, unwanted habits, stress or depression.
Hypnotherapy is a safe and pleasurable treatment in which you will feel comfortably relaxed, but in complete control throughout the session.
Using hypnotherapy techniques, you will be lead into a trace state which is very similar to a relaxed day dream, while positive suggestions are made to your subconscious.
After the treatment you will awake feeling refreshed and alert as if waking from a deep and relaxing sleep.
Many of my first-time clients have voiced their fears at having hypnotherapy after watching all manor of horrors on television. Hypnotherapy is not stage hypnosis.
You will be aware of my voice throughout the session and fully in control. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis (if you don't want to go into a hypnotic trance, no one can make you); I will only use hypnotherapy to treat the conditions you require changing. You will leave the session feeling more positive and motivated to accomplish your goals.
Making a better life for yourself
I will do everything I can to ensure you have the tools, support and  information you need to gain control of your life; to make the decisions and improvements you want to;  to reach the goals you desire; or simply to be at peace in the world you already live in. I believe that every person has the power to make their life one in which they can feel content. However, all therapy is primarily the responsibility of the person seeking help, and their understanding and empowerment  is key to the healing process.  
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